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Lisette E. Niepa

Lisette’s passion for health and beauty lead to her fascination with social media influencers/gurus in the beauty industry. She has always expressed an interest in being a part of that industry; however, her mother discouraged her involvement in social media because of her age. She is very analytical and will watch a video and analyze the product and service that the individual was sharing. 

Lisette turned her attention to a business that was more suitable to her age—rainbow and glitter slime. When she was in third grade, she would create the slime and package them in clear containers so that they were attractive to the kids. She sold them for three dollars a pack. Her business savvy led her to provide promotions and sales due to the shelf life of her product, leading to a profitable business. 

While kids her age were planning on going to the coolest summer camp, Lisette would ask her mother to register her for sewing, baking, and cooking classes. At the age of eight she started her custom design pencil and makeup pouch business—beautifully designed for all age groups. At the age of nine she launched her brand and cooking website Lili’s Chef—a site where she shares baking and cooking tips for young children to inspire their love for cooking. 

Lisette’s passion for the fashion, beauty and lifestyle business led her to do extensive market research in the summer of 2020 where she discovered the idea of private label cosmetics branding—this lead to the launch of the brand Nani Maoli Beauty By H&L with the tagline Beauty Unleashed. 

Lisette loves to dance, travel, and play the violin. She has demonstrated her skills in classical ballet, Jazz and modern African pop at seven annual recitals. She has performed in three Violin recitals and started to play at the age of five. Lisette is an exemplar student and she plans to use her life experiences as a platform for building her brand and influencing other young people to love their authentic beauty.

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