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Our Philosophy


Our philosophy is simple. Our company embodies values—honesty, integrity, innovation, and community. Ultimately “beauty is as beauty does” and it is defined as confidence, kindness, and intelligence. Consumers today are claiming their right to define beauty on their own terms and Nani Maoli by H&L is here to cater to our customers' needs.  

Our Products

Using nature's most restorative and nourishing ingredients, the Nani Maoli by H&L skincare line has something for everyone, from the oily or dry skin to the acne-prone skin.  

Not to brag, but we’ve partnered with and source our products from the hub of the highest quality cosmetics and skin care products in the industry! Paraben-free, cruelty-free, and lead-free – these are the three characteristics that capture the essence of our all made in U.S.A cosmetic products. Our high-performance, skin-loving products are all carefully formulated in the U.S.A with the latest trends and technology in mind while using safe and nourishing good-for-skin ingredients. 

We pride ourselves in not just bringing effective and accessible products for all skin types, but also in making sure those products are easy to use as a part of an entire skin-perfecting routine.

Our Promise  

We are a truly transparent and safe brand. Because we value transparency between us and our customers, we continue to work with our product source to update and upgrade our formulas to meet your needs. We are committed to being equally transparent about the ingredients that are included in our products. Our product descriptions include lists of our ingredients and product benefits to help you make conscious choices. We are ready to respond to your questions about ingredients, production, testing of products, and any other concerns you may have.


Our Story 

‘Dream Big’ is our story tag line.  Nani Maoli By H&L is a beauty brand started by two sisters, Herlynn and Lisette Niepa. It’s a ‘Dream Big’ story because they had an idea but were too young to execute on the vision. So, they partnered with beauty experts as well as everyday people who simply wanted clean and simple skin care routine and products.  

The two sisters wanted to create their brand, but not just with any product. They wanted products that represent the values they stand by—honesty, integrity, innovation, and community.  They did extensive research, read books, surfed the web, used Google keywords, and made many phone calls. All of this resulted in an integrated partnership with a cosmetic lab that has been in the cosmetics manufacturing business for over 50 plus years, several beauty experts with education and practical experience of 20 plus years and savvy business experts.

Herlynn and Lisette have creative minds, take pride in skincare, and love fashion. They believe that skincare is foundational to long-term beauty, and they are very proud to have done the work for their customers by choosing to bring to you the highest quality cosmetics and skincare products in the industry! 


Herlynn & Lisette

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