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Herlynn E. Niepa

Young entrepreneur with a passion for business. Herlynn wrote her first business idea at the age of seven and presented it to her second grade class. The next year, her third grade teacher said she was the most likely to be a successful businesswoman because of all the entrepreneurial ideas she shared in school. Herlynn established her first business selling handmade bracelets to friends and family members at the age of eight and by the age of ten she started her online fitness and dance classes. 

During the COVID-19 Pandemic she ran successful online kids ballet and adult dance classes keeping herself and others active during the lockdown. During her holiday breaks from school and summer breaks Herlynn takes cooking, baking and fashion design classes to improve her knowledge of the fashion and culinary world. She enjoys traveling, dancing, and swimming. She has traveled to three continents and ten plus countries and loves to engage in the culture and people. She is an avid dancer and has been since the age of three—demonstrating her skills in classical ballet, Lyrical, Jazz and African pop at nine annual recitals. She plays the Piano and loves to compose music. 

Herlynn has a passion for health and beauty and strongly feels that taking care of oneself and looking the best should start at an early age. She believes no one should define beauty for you. "Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder"; so products and services should be available for consumers to choose what fits their lifestyle. This thinking led Herlynn and her sister Lisette to develop the idea and brand around H&L Beauty and Lifestyle.

Herlynn is a responsible global citizen and an exemplar student.  She plans to use her educational and life experiences around beauty, cooking, baking, travel and music to build a social media platform for the H&L Beauty and Lifestyle brand—sharing her experiences to inspire the world around her.

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